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Coal Tar Roofing Systems
Coal Tar Roofing Systems

Coal Tar Built-up Roofing Systems are well known for their long-term durability, low maintenance and low life-cycle cost. This system's leading features are its self healing properties, natural resistance to aging and its ability to resist ponded water.

A Coal Tar roofing system represents the industryís premier built-up roof membrane assembly. Coal tarís unique molecular structure provides a system that resists water and vapor penetration, insect damage, chemical attack, UV exposure and most elements considered common enemies to other roof membrane systems. Its superior resistance to ponding water eliminates the costly use of tapered insulation. Its cold flow/self-healing properties mean lower maintenance costs since small cracks and fissures disappear before they become real problems.

The unprecedented and time tested performance of coal tar pitch, coupled with the redundancy of up to 5 plies of organic or fiberglass reinforcements, makes a Coal Tar built-up roofing assembly the system of choice where long term performance and low maintenance costs are important.

For coal tar roofing system configurations and details, click here, or if you donít see the drawing you are looking for, call Durapax at 610-579-9075.

Coal Tar Application & Design Considerations

Coal Tar BUR Application Guide


Underwriters Laboratories: Durapax roofing systems are listed and classified UL Class A on combustible and non-combustible decks.

Factory Mutual: Durapax roofing systems are currently approved or are commonly accepted by Factory Mutual Engineering.

For the most up-to-date information on UL, FM and all Model Building Code Approvals, contact your local Durapax Representative.

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