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Warranty Information
Coal Tar Roof Program Explanation

Durapax offers several warranty programs. Whether your interests are in a materials warranty or total systems coverage from 5 to 20 years, Durapax offers a variety of programs to fit your needs and your budget. For specific information on individual plan coverage, call Durapax at 610-579-9075.

Coal Tar Roof Warranty Programs.

How to qualify for coverage

To qualify for a roof system warranty, certain prerequisites must be met:

  • The system specification must qualify to receive the desired warranty
  • Durapax must receive a warranty application prior to the project starting
  • The roofing applicator must be a Durapax "Authorized Contractor"
  • The contractor must comply with all Durapax installation and warranty requirements
How to apply for a warranty
  • A roof system warranty can only be applied for by the Durapax Authorized Contractor doing the work
  • A warranty application can be registered on the phone by calling
    610-579-9075 (Technical Services)
  • The application must be applied for prior to the project starting
How to report a roof leak

To report a roof leak, fax a letter indicating when and where the leak occurred, along with a copy of the warranty to 610-323-0115. If your report is received prior to 1:00PM EST it will, in most cases, be turned over to a repair contractor the same day. Durapax will do its best to have the contractor contact the building owner, in a timely manner, to arrange to investigate and/or repair the reported leak. Questions pertaining to roof leaks should be directed to the Durapax roof warranty department at 610-579-9075.

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